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DEC International: Improving Lives Through Innovation

., DEC InternationalMatthias Petri, CEO
Pharma and life sciences are markets of continuous innovation. There is a boom in life sciences, which has resulted in the emergence of novel biological targets, therapeutic modalities, and new areas of drug discovery. This emergence not only adds opportunities but also complexity and uncertainty to research programs. Against this backdrop, DEC International (DEC), is on a mission to improve lives through the development and manufacture of innovative technologies and pharmaceutical solutions for human and animal health.

DEC’s innovative healthcare and life sciences portfolio includes medical devices, human and animal health products and contract manufacturing and laboratory services from its cGMP manufacturing facility in Hamilton.

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, DEC traces its roots back to 1941 and the creation of Plastic Products Limited during World War II to make Bakelite dolls. In the subsequent 75 years, DEC built on its strong manufacturing culture and innovated across various industries to currently have two key manufacturing facilities, DEC plastics and DEC pharmaceuticals.

DEC pharmaceuticals is FDA certified and specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative expert controlled drug release technologies and pharmaceuticals and wellness solutions for human and animal health. The facility has commercialized several novel controlled release drug delivery technologies for animal health and reproduction. The goal of DEC team, building on its long history of successful R&D and continuous research and development, is to deliver elite class products and services to its customers consistently. The DEC team comprises over 130 skilled staff dedicated to enhancing the opportunities and technical abilities of both human health practitioners and agricultural professionals.
DEC’s state-of-the-art facility meets specific manufacturing requirements of its clients and is a key supply partner to leading animal health product companies in the world. DEC operates a range of analytical and preparatory equipment comprising high and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography, Hanson dissolution apparatus, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, electromantle and soxhlet extractor apparatus and more. DEC Pharmaceutical can offer a vast array of manufacturing services from Silicon injection moulding, controlled drug delivery and other specialist requirements. Comprehensive pharmaceutical testing is also performed on-site by a highly qualified team of analysts, technicians and scientists using state-of-the-art analytical instruments. The facility also provides a range of contract manufacturing and laboratory services from its cGMP manufacturing facility.

DEC’s other manufacturing firm, DEC plastics has the experience and know-how to bring ideas to life with plastic and caters to all moulding needs irrespective of the product development phase of the client.

Working with DEC Plastics is synonymous to quality assurance as quality is in its DNA. The firm is ISO 9001:2008-certified and follows cGMP principals. The company practices total quality management and operates at the highest level of quality standard while working in collaboration with its clients to understand and assist with compliance-related tasks. DEC’s methodology to capture client requirements and offer a complete and streamlined service, from concept to product, involves 3D computer modelling, high-speed prototyping, product design, tool design, product and process validation and testing and tuning.

DEC has spun many successful products from manufacturing BIC pens to developing products in milking systems, agricultural products and partnering in multiple human and animal health products. These products assisted its clients to win awards and achieve success in their own right, making DEC the preferred supplier for the world’s leading medical device and animal health companies.

The future of DEC is to continue investing in multiple R&D and continuous improvement initiatives across both facilities. The future goals are the implementation of ISO:13485 at DEC plastics, alongside a comprehensive asset replacement program to increase efficiency at both sites. Also, on the cards are research into new manufacturing technologies and methods to deliver innovative solutions in technical injection moulding and controlled drug delivery.
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DEC International

Hamilton, New Zealand

Matthias Petri, CEO

DEC is an innovative manufacturing and technology group, which designs and produces high-quality human and animal health products

DEC International