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Top 10 Pharma Outsourcing Consulting/Service Companies in APAC - 2020


Be it addressing issues with insurance companies pertaining to medicine coverage, pioneering new treatments for complex maladies, or dealing with the minutiae and increasing cost related to drug development, pharmaceutical companies are faced with a plethora of challenges. With an aim to do more with less, pharma outsourcing appears the perfect opportunity.

Pharmaceutical outsourcing has expanded over the years, and indications are that it will continue to amplify through the next decade. Several functions formerly considered imperative, such as in-house animal toxicology testing, now rarely exist within pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers of all sizes, particularly large international companies, are increasingly outsourcing many tasks and functions formerly considered in-house core competencies. The fundamental nature of the pharmaceutical industry has changed as cost management, and process efficiencies become critical to survival. Outsourcing has become an industry standard and now encapsulates a full range of services–from screening and lead identification to toxicology and different preclinical studies, clinical trials, marketing, and manufacturing at all scales.

Outsourcing has established its efficiency at reducing operational and infrastructure costs. Similarly, the arrival of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in the field of pharmaceutical assures to change the game by using digital robots to perform high-volume and repeatable tasks. Additionally, the industry is also increasingly embracing digitalization of data in the supply chain, which, in turn, provides scope to carry out more automated processes. The enactment has resulted in the introduction of compulsory barcodes on pharma packaging and the transfer of large volumes of data in the supply of medicines. The use of big data in trials is also increasing expeditiously and has enhanced the quality of data collection, allowing improved analysis of large data sets. Against this backdrop, the outsourcing market is strengthening as companies seek to add scale, stretch out geographical presence, and achieve synergies to gain a competitive advantage.

Keeping this enormous growth in the demand for outsourcing services in mid, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 pharma outsourcing consulting/services companies. With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, each of these pharmacy outsourcing consulting/services companies are continually proving their mettle in the field of pharmaceutical development. We hope this issue of Pharma Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven environment.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Pharma Outsourcing Consulting/Services Companies - 2020.”

    Top Pharma Outsourcing Consulting/Service Companies in APAC

  • Based out of China’s Suzhou industrial park, Bioworkshops provides development and manufacturing services for customers producing biologics while delivering quality and compliance that meet global standards. The company’s in-house subject matter experts (SME) cover every step from biologics development to commercial product registration. Bioworkshops provides the full range of development and cGMP manufacturing from cell line, drug formulation, analytics, and process optimization to finished sterile product. Bioworkshops applies this expertise to risk-based development of monoclonal (mAb) and bispecific antibodies (BsAbs), fusion proteins, and other recombinant proteins to serve its clients

  • EuBiologics is a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in developing and supplying premium quality vaccines. The company contributes to promoting human health that lasts a lifetime through the development and production of high-quality, low-cost vaccines. The company also provides CRMO services customized for mammalian cell and microbial-derived biopharmaceuticals ranging from cell line development to GMP production. EuBiologics collaborates with leading global companies to help clients undertake their projects easily–thereby saving costs and time. EuBiologics’ capability to provide customized service for R&D and biopharmaceutical products such as vaccines and protein therapeutics according to customers’ project stage is a unique addition that strengthens its plethora of services

  • Asymchem


    Since its founding in 1999, Asymchem is proud of the strides that they have made by providing R&D and one-stop production services to the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. Driving the company’s success is their commitment to continual optimization and investing in the future. By improving the capabilities Asymchems’ partners need now, and maintaining the agility needed to support innovation, they’ve built a knowledge and experience base that they’re ready to share

  • Avance Clinical

    Avance Clinical

    Avance Clinical is a full-service contract research organisation offering a suite of clinical trial services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies globally. The company's in-house services include: Protocol and Report Writing, Project Management, Site Monitoring, Safety Reporting, Data Management, Statistical Services, Pharmacokinetics, CDISC datasets and QA Consulting/Auditing



    Founded in 1998, CANNY is a Beijing-based consultancy focusing on regulatory compliance of drugs, health foods and cosmetics. The company's business focuses mainly on GMP compliance and regulatory affairs for such products in China and abroad. Now, as a member of Hangzhou Tigermed Group (stock symbol: 300347), a CRO that provides whole-chain service from R&D to manufacturing, CANNY is capable of providing one-stop consultation covering R&D, regulatory affairs, GMP, market access services to clients in China and abroad

  • Cell Therapies

    Cell Therapies

    Cell Therapies Pty Ltd is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that manufactures and deploys advanced cell-based therapies to the global market. Established in 2003, Cell Therapies Pty Ltd is one of the most experienced cGMP compliant manufacturers for cell therapies, gene therapies, cellular immunotherapies and regenerative medicine products globally

  • Daewoong


    Establish in 1945, Daewoong Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a public South Korean pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes pharmaceuticals for both the domestic and international markets. Through their strong M&S divisions, Daewoong has the largest prescription drug sales in the South Korean market

  • MLM Medical Labs

    MLM Medical Labs

    MLM Medical Labs is a Central Laboratory dedicated exclusively to clinical trials. The company offers full laboratory services, including a whole range of analytics: standard safety profiles, such as blood counts, coagulation, urinalysis and clinical chemistry, and analyses of biomarkers, drug compounds, metabolites and molecular diagnostic parameters

  • Nihon Medi-Physics

    Nihon Medi-Physics

    Nihon Medi-Physics has been contributing to society through useful healthcare products that utilize the unique features of radioisotopes. Based on its mission to ensure a stable supply of high quality products as well as continuing to develop new products and technologies that meet medical needs, the company’s ultimate goal is to be a company that is always trusted by their stakeholders

  • Qserve Group

    Qserve Group

    Qserve is your global partner for Medtech Regulatory, Clinical & Quality Compliance and your CRO for Medical Device Clinical Trials. With their broad range of knowledge and experience, the company can support customers with getting market access all over the world and for all kind of Medical Devices. Qserves' strong international team, located in Europe, China and the United States, combines their broad range of knowledge and expertise in medical devices, to assist manufacturers in gaining market access around the world